Community Healthy & Productive Lives

The SSD through the HealthOffice and the 17 Diocesan Health Centres has worked on improving the lives of its community by providing preventive and curative health services.

Community health Care Health care services

Caritas means love and compassion


  • Build the capacity of existing 17 Diocesan Health Units to improve on quality of service delivery
  • Improve the capacity of Diocesan Health Department to extend services to unreached or underserved communities
  • Increase awareness on prevention of communicable diseases/alcohol &drug abuse in KMD
  • Improve access to clean and safe water to KMD communities
  • Increase demand and access to comprehensive HIV prevention services
  • Promotion of comprehensive treatment and care services to PLHAs
  • Increase demand and access to youth friendly Reproductive Health Services
  • Promote adoption and utilization of good hygiene and sanitation practices in KMD supported communities