Social Protection

Social protection is a thematic area in Caritas Kiyinda – Mityana. It has special interests on Persons with disabilities and orphans and vulnerable children especially those affected by HIV and AIDs.

It has the following projects:

  1. People with disability’s project (PWD)
  2. Orphan support project (OSP)
  3. Orphans and Vulnerable Children support project (OVUCCA)
People with disabilitiesn Activities done by PWD

Caritas means love and compassion

Key Interventions

  • Create awareness on the rights of vulnerable persons/groups
  • Support formation and strengthening of community fora/groups that represent the poor, vulnerable and marginalized groups
  • Support initiatives that enhance the participation of the poor, vulnerable and marginalized groups to participate in process that affect their lives/and demand for protection of their rights and services
  • Promote increased access and retention of OVC in schools
  • Scale up of psychosocial support and child protection services for OVC and their households
  • Enhance the participation of OVC in processes and events that affect their lives
  • Conduct research, documentation and dissemination on issues affecting
  • Create awareness on the need and usage of standard PWD friendly structures
  • Support access to education, rehabilitation and other services for children with special needs and other persons with disabilities