Agriculture and Livelihoods

is a thematic area in Kiyinda – Mityana Diocese & has the following projects:

  1. Integrated Food security Project(IFSP)
  2. Central Archdiocesan Province Caritas Association (CAPCA)
  3. Integrated Livelihoods Project(ILP)

Livelihoods objectives

  1. Improved food security & nutrition among targeted households in KMD
  2. Increased incomes and investments among the targeted poor and vulnerable households
  3. Improved management and sustainable use of environmental resources among KMD communities
Agriculture is unavoidable

Caritas means love and compassion


  • Support food production and productivity among 10,000 targeted Households
  • Promote good quality of food utilization and nutritional practices among targeted 10,000 h/holds
  • Support acquisition of productive and wealth retention assets-like livestock to minimize food scarcity shocks and stress
  • Promote VSLA adoption for 9,000 targeted households organized in 300 groups
  • Promote commercial farming for 300 progressive model farmers
  • Promote diversification of non land based enterprises for households
  • Promote value addition through strengthening storage, processing and access to fair markets