Given a New Life,

Isaac Bitiija is 7 years old and lives with his grandmother Namboowa Ruth at Railway village in Mityana district. Isaac was born with his two legs disabled and could not walk on his own, the mother abandon him to the grandmother who is up-to date the caregiver. The help; He was identified in 2009 when he is 9 months, taken for treatment to Kataremwa Cheshire Home where they amputated his legs. He was given artificial legs (Prosthesis) after which he was given physiotherapy to use them. Towards the future; At 7 years now, Isaac can properly walk to school where he studies in primary two, can do some of the housework and has been found playing so well with other kids. The grandmother says “I now know, my grandchild has a future to leave and his mother is begging to get back into his life. Thank you Caritas Mityana for the help.”

Caritas means love and compassion

Meet John Lukwago

John is a 15 year old secondary student of St Mugagga Secondary school, living in Bwakaggo village with his mother Namwanje Gorret (a widow) and two siblings. His father died in 1999 were all hardships started with mother paying school dues and other school requirements, providing all the basic needs and feeding her family with no support from the in-laws.

The Help
Due to that situation, this family was identified by community members to be among those to benefit from the OVC project where they got agricultural in-puts, animals for income generation, tuition fees and other school requirements. With this help, Lukwago then started attending school regularly and also observed improvement in school performance. After the first harvest of the agricultural in-puts, Lukwago managed to buy a bicycle at 190,000/= to ease movements to school.

The off-springs from animals are also sold off and help Namwanje provide home basic needs. Towards the future Gorret says: “the program has offered training, agricultural in-puts and school dues for my child. With this, I have been able to expand and improve on animal raring and now rare many for my family. I have reduced family food expenses and can now have three meals per day. “Because my children and I are working hard, I have established a banana garden, we have enough food and I can now send my children to school using sales from our seasonal yields.” John contributed “I thank the orphan support project for all the support rendered to me and my family.

I now have hope that I will finish school and realize my dream of becoming an engineer. Am not worried any more about the future and thank you very much Caritas KMD.