Message from Director

You are most welcome to the Website of Caritas KIYINDA MITYANA a social service arm of Kiyinda Mityana Diocese. Ours is a faith-based organization offering social services and working for integral development of all God’s people in the civil Districts that cover Kiyinda Mityana Diocese.
It seeks to help those in need especially the marginalized and those on the peripheral of society; the orphans, people with disabilities, the elderly and widows. Caritas Kiyinda Mityana focuses among other things on education, primary health care, food, water and financial security among different households. We strive to promote development through modern sustainable agriculture and wise saving and investment.

Of equally greater importance is the protection and preservation of our environment for present and future posterity through effective use of natural resources and tree planting. Trusting in God and basing on the goodness of people and their noble inclination to help others, Caritas Kiyinda Mityana desires to follow the example of Jesus Christ in liberating the human being integrally and making God’s image shine in the face of every human being. We cherish a number of values that govern our ethic of being; among them righteousness, teamwork, transparency, accountability, partnership, integrity, commitment to work and industriousness, good governance, participation, flexibility, approachability, inventiveness, creativity a healthy progressiveness and greatest of all, the love of God and neighbor. Thus we act with the sole purpose of promoting the well being of every person created in the image and likeness of God by seeking to restore his or her dignity so that he or she may have the capacity to take charge of his or her destiny.

We are so grateful to our partners (donors/funders), parishes, well-wishers and supporters for their endless effort in providing financial and logistical support to the people of Kiyinda-Mityana Diocese. We are, therefore, honored and privileged to serve all God’s people in those different capacities. We invite you to first and foremost pray for the success of our work. Secondly, should you feel inspired to reach out, we would appreciate and welcome any kind of assistance offered so that we can carry on effectively this noble duty of service with love.

Rev. Fr. Michael Mukasa (Ph.D)